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Myler Media develops robust web apps. Programs that users can control from the browser. To work more efficiently, to save costs or to enrich the customer experience. Also want to have a web app made? Contact us directly or read more.


What are web apps?

A web app is an online program that can be accessed and used through the browser. The main difference from a normal website is that the emphasis is on interaction and not on information. Web apps usually have a strong technical component: an interactive environment that can be operated by the user. Often by first logging in. 


Well-known examples of web apps are Google Maps and the NS Travel Planner. But also think of a reservation system, customer relationship management system or a database that can be filled online. 


A web application can be for internal use within your organization or external to your customers, such as a webshop, reservation website, online tool or extranet.


Benefits of web apps

A web application offers organizations several interesting advantages. These are common reasons why companies have a web app created.


  • Reduce costs through automation – For example, it is nice for customers to be able to place a reservation or look up or change information online themselves. In this way, as an organization, you reduce customer contact and save on personnel costs.
  • Working more efficiently – Web apps offer the opportunity to streamline business processes. For example, by managing and linking everything in one system. No more working with separate tools, spreadsheets or paperwork, but everything from one central web app.
  • Enriching the customer experience – A web app offers more possibilities than standard web pages made in HTML and CSS. Create unique digital experiences and tools that add value for users. This is how you really show that you are the authority in your industry.
  • Accessible anywhere, anytime – Accessible 24 hours a day directly from the browser, anywhere in the world. Internet access is the only thing you need. Convenient for customers, but also for employees who (sometimes) work outside regular office hours.

Our projects

Are you planning to have a web application developed? Our developers have years of experience. These are some examples of our projects.


  • Werkenergieanalyse: Career coaching tool, including questionnaire and report.
  • Welkomraad ‘s-Hertogenbosch: Intranet with contact information of employees for the municipality of 's-Hertogenbosch.
  • D&D Brandwerende applicaties: Online customer portal connecting to the mobile app.
  • Prezzent: Intranet with Office 365 integration.

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We provide customization

Using an existing solution is often the most economical. But when standard packages do not suffice, or are simply not available, we develop custom software: an application that perfectly meets your needs. 


We are able to create links with almost any external system. Think links to CRM and ERP software, inventory databases, Gps data, mobile apps, IoT and much more.


Our working method

We like to think along with our customers and are transparent in what we do. Through the steps below, we realize the desired end product.


  1. Inventory: First, discuss your goals, desires, budget and preferences for the web application to be created. Digitally or on location. Without any obligation of course.
  2. Development proposal: After the first meeting we return with our proposal. In the development proposal you will find the inventory of requirements and a plan of action. Including work and elaboration of the functionalities.
  3. Quote: Do you like our proposal? Then a non-binding quotation will follow in which we break down the tasks and components. The delivery time is also stated. So you know exactly where you stand.
  4. Functional and graphic design: In the functional design we define the locations of text blocks, buttons and images. It also tells you how your web app works. What happens when you press a button? Which page do you click through to? In this phase we also outline the design. Do we need to maintain a house style? Which design elements improve the user experience?
  5. Development: Do you agree with the design? Then we will build the web application, exactly as we agreed beforehand. In the meantime, we will show you how far we have got, for example in the form of a prototype. So you can always adjust if necessary.
  6. Testing: Does the app work well in different browsers? Which feature could be faster? Are there any bugs in it? These things come to light during the testing phase. You can also test the app yourself and share your comments with us. That way, we can improve your web app together.
  7. Final version and going live: We implement all your changes in a final version. Do you agree? Then we'll put the web app live.
  8. Maintenance and further development: After delivery, we can also maintain and further develop the application. We always keep our technical knowledge up-to-date, so that the application is prepared for the future and continues to meet requirements for security and privacy. 

Need a web app developed?

Are you convinced by our approach and would you like to outsource your web app development to Myler Media? Or would you like to get to know us first? Feel free to contact us to see what we can do for you. 

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