Why app maintenance?

OK, your app has been developed and implemented. Done! Well, not quite. Because how do you know if your app is still going to work a few months from now? We develop our apps natively, specifically for the iOS, Android of Windows platform. Apple, Google and Microsoft perform updates on the platforms on a regular basis. Are you maybe getting bugs or changes to the links with databases or functionalities? We monitor this for you.

App grows along with the trends
The developments in the mobile market are fast and furious, one after the other. Think about new software and mobile telephones or tablets that are hitting the market. Regular maintenance is crucial. Your app is therefore never off. You want to make sure that your app is working perfectly at all times.

What is maintenance?
Measuring and monitoring followed by analysis and improvements. That is app maintenance according to Myler Media. We constantly keep in mind the market and other external developments. Just like the use of your app: we monitor and measure how much, where and when it is being used. We immediately address any malfunctions and bugs. We also do tests and perform updates.

Service package
The annual costs of app maintenance are approximately 10 to 15 percent of the development costs. To mitigate this risk and cost, you can conclude a service agreement with us for the continuous measurement of the app's performance, detection and solving of problems, reporting of issues and testing the app testing when there are updates. You can supplement the service package with additional services such as:
- the testing of app performance on new devices and reporting of results
- reports from Google Analytics
- monitoring and monthly reporting of user reviews
- upgrades of the operating system (for example from iOS9 to iOS10)

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