Jippe, make us proud!

5 Oktober 2016
From the moment Jippe started working at Myler Media we knew it: "Jippe is a talented developer!". And now we know for sure. Jippe has been selected by Apple to join the Apple iOS Developer University Program in Naples, Italy.

After some online tests, interviews and an assessment in Italy, the redeeming word came at the end of September: Jippe is one of the 200 selected software developers that may join the Apple University Program. Apple sees the potential of a world class player in Jippe. Out of the entire group of 4,000 candidates Jippe ranked the 16th position.

Jippe departed to Italy on the early morning of October 4th. He will stay in Naples for nine months. The first semester is a deepening in software development for iOS. The second semester consists out of lectures on topics such as app design and the commercial deployment of apps. Jippe and his fellow students will be turned into complete iOS developers, who can contribute at every step in the application development process.

Info soon
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