What does it cost to develop an app?

Costs are an important criterion in the decision-making process to get an app developed. No one understands this as well as we do. Often the price is even the determining factor. That is why we always immediately provide a transparent overview of the expected development costs, also specifically per functionality. We like to discuss the topic openly to arrive at honest advice and a good quotation. The types of questions that then come up include for example: what is the purpose of the app? Who is the target market? For which operating system do you want to develop the app? Which functions should the app have? When would the app be considered a success?

Variable costs
Each app is different. We cannot, therefore, tell you exactly how much it is going to cost to get an app built, without first discussing it with you. The costs of apps vary from a few thousand to a few ten thousand Euros. In general, the fewer screens there are in the app, the lower the costs are. Apps with dynamic screen transitions are also more expensive than static apps.

Price of a customised app
The costs for development are completely dependent on the user requirements and functionalities. A customised app for process optimisation for example often quickly pays for itself, and that is of course also the plan. Step one is therefore also then to determine requirements and objectives. How? For this, we like to have a discussion with you >>

Still just want an indication of the costs? Please fill in the calculator below.
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