The NOC*NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation) is the driving force behind the TeamNL (the Dutch Olympic team) platform. TeamNL is a community platform where everybody can follow the athletes of TeamNL on their way to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Fans get a look behind the scenes and are brought closer to the athletes.
Branche Sport
Platform iOS & Android
Features Push notifications, Facebook login, database connections, news feed
Project description
In 2016, the Olympic and Paralympic Games take place at Rio de Janeiro (Brazil). However, for the athletes the journey to Rio started long before 2016. Proper preparation is key to achieve top level performance. Myler Media developed the TeamNL app, which offers a unique ‘behind the scenes’ experience: the latest news, background stories, which games are planned and the results that have been achieved by the Dutch athletes. It is also possible to follow individual athletes and send private messages. All content is adjusted to the user’s personal preference.
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