In collaboration with Have A Nice Day -a Dutch web agency- we developed an app for GaiaZOO. GaiaZOO is an award winning zoo in the South of the Netherlands. Due to it’s innovative and unique character the zoo is voted four times the "Most Beautiful Zoo in the Benelux” by the public. And now GaiaZOO offers visitors an additional experience by using the app.
Branche Leisure
Platform iOS & Android
Features Navigation through the park, games, calendar, social sharing
Project description
Using the app, visitors can easily navigate through the zoo. Restaurants, first aid, toilets, playgrounds, specific animals, etc. can be selected and the app will navigate you. At 13 selected places children can play games, which are related to the animals that can be seen at those locations.

Users can create reminders in the app’s agenda, e.g. for the feeding of the monkeys. Fifteen minutes before the start of the feeding show they will receive a push notification. 

Unique experiences in the zoo can be shared immediately. The app has a photo functionality, with social share buttons for Twitter and Facebook.
Please, develop an application for me too!
  • MSD Animal Health
  • Invicta
  • DSM Nutritional Products
  • Verbeeten
  • Traffic Service Nederland
  • Astra Zenica
  • Profkantine
  • De Groot
  • Rabobank
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