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In the portfolio below we share a selection of the projects we have worked on. Please contact us for more examples in your industry.
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Shimano: Predator European bass fishermen share their catches in the Predator app and have the chance to win great prizes every month. Mobile, Shimano: Tribal With the Tribal app, carp anglers from all over the Benelux and the United Kingdom compete to become the first Carp League Winner of their coun Mobile, Make-A-Wish Netherlands With this website, Make-A-Wish Netherlands steps into the public eye and can actively raise funds. Web AquaSound: N-Joy With AquaSound's integrated waterproof media products, you add even more experience. IoT Startselect Startselect is an online shop for gamers. Mobile Team NL - NOC*NSF The NOC*NSF is the driving force behind the TeamNL platform. TeamNL is a community platform where everybody can follow the athletes of TeamNL. Mobile, Studio Roderick Vos On this website, customers can find exclusive designs and order them directly. Web Gemeente Winterswijk: Winvred app The Winvred app offers a unique experience of the Winterswijk and Vreden area through stories related to the area. Mobile GaiaZOO GaiaZOO is an award winning zoo in the South of the Netherlands. Mobile, Verschoor Metaal Techniek: SPC app The SPC app is an internal company app that allows the entire shop floor to be controlled from tablets. Mobile Merck Animal Health The New Practice Program (NPP) application is an iPad app for Merck sales reps. Mobile Traffic Service Nederland Traffic Service Nederland provides temporary and permanent boarding and signage along Dutch (high)ways Mobile Dice Game Dice Game challenges users to play thousands of offline challenges. Mobile Heart Foundation The Heart Foundation funds research into cardiovascular diseases and provides information and support to heart patients Mobile, , Profkantine Profkantine is the platform for over 2000 sports canteens in the Netherlands. Mobile, DSM Nutritional Products The OVN app serves as an aid for the dosing of vitamin supplements for (farm) animals. Mobile, Invicta watches Proud owners of an Invicta watch can register their watch with the Invicta app. Mobile RAPP-it reflection app The RAPP-it app is a reflection app, which captures learning opportunities in a fast & safe way. Mobile, Instituut Verbeeten With the ‘Verbeeten app’, patients have an insight into their appointments anywhere, anytime. Mobile, Burgers' Zoo Burgers’ Zoo is one of the largest zoos in the Netherlands, and is located in Arnhem. Mobile Office App With this app, we measure temperature, intensity of light and humidity at our office IoT De Groot International The app for De Groot International provides up to date news about the company for customers, stakeholders and employees. Mobile 'Kaartenplankje' The app ‘Kaartenplankje’ allows people who are unable to hold playing cards with their hands, to still play card games. Mobile, Astra Zeneca This app is an easy to use tool to physicians to supplement clinical judgment. Mobile, Rabobank An app to make a report with sector information available to horticultural entrepreneurs. Mobile IDAL - MSD Animal Health The IDAL app is used in combination with the IDAL vaccin pistol. Via a Bluetooth connection, information is send. Mobile, Modernisering Medische Vervolgopleidingen The project ‘MMV' is a collaboration between the University of Maastricht and the KNMG to share knowledge and provide a platform. Mobile,
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  • MSD Animal Health
  • Invicta
  • DSM Nutritional Products
  • Verbeeten
  • Traffic Service Nederland
  • Astra Zenica
  • Profkantine
  • De Groot
  • Rabobank
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