Your own app development team

Do you also want to offer app development to your clients as an independent office? We regularly develop apps on the basis of a confidentiality agreement. This makes you look like you have your own professional development team. We often work together with, for example, advertising agencies, web agencies and other app developers who do not have the right capacity or expertise at their disposal in their own company.

Do we complement each other?
Everyone has their own speciality. So why would you then invest much time and money to develop an app if you can get Myler Media to do this as well? Moreover, who knows, maybe we can use your services as well. Whether you are an intermediary, IT-consultant or a marketing company. From the Den Bosch, Tilburg, Eindhoven, Breda, Utrecht, Nijmegen region or somewhere else in The Netherlands. Curious about how we can complement each other? We would very much welcome a conversation to discuss the possibilities.
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