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At Myler Media, we like to work together. Because together we come up with the best solutions. Of course we will make clear agreements beforehand and sign a confidentiality agreement if you wish. Are we going to work together? Then we will act as an extension of your organisation or department and we will meet regularly in the workplace. 

samenwerken met Myler MediaCollaboration is possible with everyone
Development is something we do together. And working together can take many different forms and with many different parties. For example, we collaborate with online marketing agencies, software development companies and other app developers. And sometimes we second one of our developers to the business world. Because, admit it, you don't always have the capacity or the right expertise in-house. 

Do we complement each other? Kennisdelen met Myler Media
We can take on projects entirely together, from wireframes to ASO. Or you hire us for the technical realization, because you have the other fields in house. Everyone's desire and specialization. We respect that. In any case, we would be happy to meet with you to discuss the possibilities.

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