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Looking for a challenging internship at a developer in Den Bosch in The Netherlands? It's your lucky day! We always make room for a motivated intern or graduate. Or two. Read on and find out why you should come to Myler Media for a great internship!

About Myler Media

Myler Media is a young and cozy development agency from Den Bosch. Every day we get up in order to create the best apps for iOS and Android, build and develop the best platforms for the web and work on innovative IoT solutions. We also rack our brains about automation issues and create custom API links. So it's nice and diverse!

Read more about our company here and check out our portfolio.

Internship or graduation project at Myler Media

We don't only deal with writing code. Design, content creation, marketing, sales and communication are also important parts of our daily work. We are always looking for HBO interns and graduates who want to make apps - but also for other disciplines you are welcome. 

Do you have a fun assignment or interesting idea and want to do an internship with us? Let us know about it!

Duo internship

Would you like to come as a couple for an internship? That's also possible. For example, in 2019 Sam & Max researched the most notable app trends together and Rick & Sergen developed an app with Flutter. Let us know why you make a good team and why your collaboration will be a success.


From internship to permanent job

Do you feel at home with us and are you doing a good job? Then there is a good chance that you will immediately land a great job after your internship. For example, Justin did an internship with us in 2017 and returned after graduation as an app developer. So it could just happen to you too!

Interested? Let us know!

Interested in an internship or graduation project at Myler Media in Den Bosch? Then send your details and motivation to You will hear from us soon when you are welcome to discuss your internship or assignment.

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