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Myler Media

Myler Media is a developer of mobile apps, web, tech and custom software. From The Gruyterfabriek in 's-Hertogenbosch we build great digital solutions every day. With our heads and our hearts. 


Our Services

Myler Media was founded in 2012 as an app development agency with a focus on native apps for iOS and Android. In 2021 Myler Media merged with Afdeling Apps and with that the range of services has broadened. With a diverse team of fourteen digital specialists we can now handle the most diverse projects. We develop awesome apps for web, tech and mobile, but also help with automation and innovative IoT solutions. 


Our approach

Our specialists have passion for their profession and like to think along with you. During an initial meeting we dissect the problem and immediately start looking for the most suitable solution. As Ramon Verhagen of Startselect says about working with Myler Media: "We got together, discussed the idea and immediately started looking for a solution. Without immediately talking about hours, packages or rates. That was very pleasant."


During the development phase we work in agile sprints. By working closely with you, the client, a visible result is achieved quickly. This way we quickly and efficiently achieve the desired end product, always within the available budget.


We understand that a digital product is never really finished. That is why we remain closely involved even after delivery. We carry out maintenance and remain available for further development. This way your product remains technically sound, safe, relevant and commercially successful.


Our clients

We do not focus on any particular type of client or on projects with a large or small budget. From sole traders to large multinationals and from local companies to government agencies - everyone is welcome! In the end we are all about a good click and fun projects. Are Myler Media and your organization a match? Are we the best partner for your project? Then let's make it a success!


Our culture

Developers who are comfortable in their own skin write the most beautiful code. We are convinced of that at Myler Media! That's why we give our employees plenty of room to grow and develop. We actively encourage this - on an individual level and as an organisation. We also have an open culture, plenty of room for humour and everyone is free to work at home or in the office. 


Stella, a developer from the very beginning, says about the company culture: "In the Technique Working Group we get all the space we need to find new creative ideas, try them out and then add them to our way of working. This way we all get better and better and can create even better solutions for our customers. Moreover, there is a lot of flexibility and care for personal circumstances. That's pretty special."


Get in touch with us

Looking for a web, mobile and/or tech developer for your project? Then get in touch with us! We are curious about your problem and would love to help you find the right solution.

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