Is your app easy to find?

60 percent of the apps are found via a search in the App Store of Google Play Store. Is your app, therefore, easy to find? Does it appear at the top when someone does a search with specific keywords? With App Store Optimization you ensure that your app is also actually found.

ASO is all about keywords
App Store Optimization is like Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But then aimed at the findability of the app via Google and in the app stores. How do you ensure that ASO is right for your native app? For example, by using the right keywords, choosing the right name, and keeping to the regulations for the various stores. In the App Store you can, for example, use more words for your app name than you can in the Google Play Store. But on the other hand, the App Store is again much stricter as far as the description of your app is concerned.

ASO is all about images
Images and videos also play an important role when it comes to App Store Optimization. The right screenshots can make the difference and interested people are either persuaded or scared away. Just like the icon of your app and previews. With a preview, you can give a short video glimpse of how your app works. There are also many regulations attached to screenshots, previews and icons. These once again differ when it comes to the App Store or the Google Play Store.

ASO is all about knowledge
Do you know which words your target market will use to search for your app? What can you do to make your app look as attractive as possible in the stores? And which regulations you will have to comply with in order not to make enemies of Apple and Google? At Myler Media, we know the way when it comes to the world of ASO. We are here to help you make your app easy to find. Are you already in a position where you would like to know more about how you can make an app easy to find? Contact us >>
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