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Application Development
Myler Media is the developer of choice in mobile, web and tech. We develop awesome apps, help with automation and create innovative IoT solutions. We like to work together, have a transparent way of working and build robust code that can take a beating!
Native apps
Mobile apps for iOS & Android. Offer an optimal user experience and take advantage of all the functionalities of modern devices. Read more
Hybrid apps
Mobile apps for iOS and Android. Combine the power of native functionality with the flexible benefits of the web. Read more
Web apps
Interactive environments that users can control from the browser. To work more efficiently or enrich the customer experience. Read more
IoT solutions
With innovative hardware and software, we make devices smart! Together with our partners, we realize groundbreaking ideas. Read more
API & automation
Tying software together? We design custom API links and automate your digital business processes. Read more
Support & maintenance
Keeping your software up-to-date? We tackle every update and fix bugs and glitches before your users are affected. Read more
Shimano Tribal
Outdoor fishing is considered by many to be the ultimate offline experience. Spending days in nature with just a fishing rod, waiting for that one moment ... With the introduction of the Tribal and Predator app from Shimano, an exciting online element is added!
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App for the Dutch Olympic Team
The NOC*NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation) is the driving force behind the TeamNL (the Dutch Olympic team) platform. TeamNL is a community platform where everybody can follow the athletes of TeamNL on their way to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Fans get a look behind the scenes and are brought closer to the athletes.
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Make-A-Wish Netherlands
Myler Media developed a new website for Make-A-Wish-Netherlands. With this website the organization will be able to go public and actively raise funds.
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Over Myler Media

Myler Media is ontwikkelaar op het gebied van mobile apps, web, tech en maatwerk software. Met een divers team van veertien digitale specialisten kunnen we nu de meest uiteenlopende projecten aan. We ontwikkelen te gekke apps voor web, tech en mobile, maar helpen ook bij automatisering en innovatieve IoT-oplossingen.

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