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How do you translate your business requirements into the perfect app? That requires specialists: technicians with a practical approach and creative minds with a passion for technology. Whether you need a calculator app, a sales app for business, sport app, game for consumers or a communication platform, our specialists know what is needed. For iOS, Android and Windows.
iOS apps
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Android Apps
We build various native apps for Android phones and tablets.
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Concept & Strategy
Your idea is our point of departure. Together we expand it into a clear concept for an app. Suitable to your business, objectives and image. Do you want to convince employees or clients of the added value? No worries, we start by first developing a prototype app. Decision-makers can then discover the benefits of the app for themselves. And you can make immediate adjustments, even still during the app development process. But you can also already start thinking about the marketing of the app as well as App Store Optimisation.
Engineering & Production
At Myler Media, we are familiar with all the latest in the world of native app development. But also know the practical options that are made possible by new developments. We are involved with your business and think things through along with you so that we can then quickly and efficiently translate the newest technology into intuitive functionality. For example, a link to your back office. Or integration with specific functionalities in iOS, Android and Windows, such as GPS, camera, Bluetooth or voice control. 
Monitoring & Innovation
To measure is to know. That is why we are continuously keeping an eye on your app's performance: how often, where, when and how is your app being downloaded and used? What is the influence of updates, bugs and the data network on the use of the app? This is useful information on which to base functional adjustments. In this manner, we can continue to optimise your app.
Shimano Tribal
Outdoor fishing is considered by many to be the ultimate offline experience. Spending days in nature with just a fishing rod, waiting for that one moment ... With the introduction of the Tribal and Predator app from Shimano, an exciting online element is added!
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App for the Dutch Olympic Team
The NOC*NSF (Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation) is the driving force behind the TeamNL (the Dutch Olympic team) platform. TeamNL is a community platform where everybody can follow the athletes of TeamNL on their way to the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Fans get a look behind the scenes and are brought closer to the athletes.
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GaiaZOO app
GaiaZOO is an award winning zoo in the South of the Netherlands. We created an app for this innovative and unique zoo. Play games, navigate through the zoo, create a reminder for the bird show... 
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Traffic Service Nederland
Employees of TSNed are working with an application developed by Myler Media. When installing signage and boarding along roads they use the application to fill in forms about executed placements. No more paper forms, but directly imported digitally, with a photo and GPS location of the placement.

Handy, right? Shouldn't your company's paper flow be digitized as well?
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An Invicta watch is not like any other watch. Owners are real fans and collectors. For these fans, the app offers an extra experience. Watches can be registered as an extra insurance. Beside, the collection can be discovered and one can find special offers regularly.
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